COP cancelled: Stepback or Opportunity for Climate Action?

See above my podcast about the cancelled COP and what could be next for the people staging demonstrations in front of it.

If the above file doesn’t work, here’s the link to the mp3 file:

As a quick addendum: Out of the 59020 tons of CO2 eq I mentioned, that were emitted by the COP24 in Katowice, 54800 were compensated for through afforestation. I didn’t include this, because I thought a discussion on carbon compensation and afforestation in general would go beyond the scope of the podcast. Feel free to discuss the implications of this in the comments though.


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Too Young for secrets by Cloudchord and Soul Food Horns @cloudchord and @soulfoodhorns

Available from:

Audio Clips:

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One thought on “COP cancelled: Stepback or Opportunity for Climate Action?

  1. Hey Paula. This was a really interesting think piece to listen to in this pandemic. I’m sure a lot of people in the climate and sustainability field are thinking about where these topics will fit in, in a world of social distancing and quarantine. While these restrictions are very valid (in my opinion) to slow down the spread of the virus, it does put climate action on the back-burner and makes it difficult to engage in important things, as you also mentioned, including protests and conferences. I agree that this might be an opportunity to show that activists are still thinking about and pushing for solutions, but it will be interesting to see how possible this is without in-person meetings and coordination. It can seem quite important to have discussions in person and speeches from important people in the same room, but I feel like this might also be an opportunity to show that it can happen online. This could allow people all over the world to participate, although there is still the issue of unequal privileges like laptops and the internet. Nevertheless, this might open a larger audiences eyes on the possibility of meeting online and not needing to fly to conferences to make a change. What do you think? Is there already a plan to meet online during the time where the COP was supposed to take place?


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