Double Trouble: Corona & Climate, how do they relate?

Double Trouble?

How Corona leads to climate debate postponement, changes in our mentalities and circular economies.

This and more is discussed in the podcast with Tomas ter Reehorst and Mathilde Wuite on how the current crisis affects another.

Tune in, comment and stay safe!

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COP cancelled: Stepback or Opportunity for Climate Action?

See above my podcast about the cancelled COP and what could be next for the people staging demonstrations in front of it.

If the above file doesn’t work, here’s the link to the mp3 file:

As a quick addendum: Out of the 59020 tons of CO2 eq I mentioned, that were emitted by the COP24 in Katowice, 54800 were compensated for through afforestation. I didn’t include this, because I thought a discussion on carbon compensation and afforestation in general would go beyond the scope of the podcast. Feel free to discuss the implications of this in the comments though.


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